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Originally Posted by Toht's Arm
I'd like to see a good portion of the film confined to a ship at sea, then the aforementioned remote, snowy setting. As people have said, it would presumably be set in the 60s, and therefore the more remote the locations, the less likely it will look too 'modern day' for an Indy film. Also an excuse for a bearded Indy might be a good thing, considering Ford's age.
Good point, Toht's Arm, about avoiding the "modern day" look. It's a perfect circumvention.
Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
It's that spot of 'silence and stillness' that intrigues me. Here could be a sound oriented puzzle/trap/whatever; due to mistranslation by somebody, the lake begins to melt/shatter/whatever. People and equipment fall to their death and destruction while Indy & Co. scramble to safety and their ultimate reward.
Brilliant idea, Sab. (Although, I seem to recall something similar before in a movie; a sequence dealing with sound & a cracking ice floor. Could it have been one of the made-for-TV, "Librarian" movies?)
Originally Posted by Sea Monarch
I envision it as being intertwined with a half frozen, half lush Irish/Scottish Highland, or in similar hills in England while, searching for Excalibur, or something of that nature.
Personally, I'd like to see Indy somewhere in Northern Canada. With this scenario, Grey Cloud, from "Mystery of the Blues" (who lives in Alberta), could make an appearance.

Originally Posted by Sea Monarch
Just watched Poseidon Adventure for the first time a few months ago.
Egads! I grew up with the original, "Poseidon Adventure", and have seen it more times than I can count. Love it!
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