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Originally Posted by Stoo
Brilliant idea, Sab. (Although, I seem to recall something similar before in a movie; a sequence dealing with sound & a cracking ice floor. Could it have been one of the made-for-TV, "Librarian" movies?)

I'm positive it isn't original, but it could be handled well; i.e., forcing everybody has to use sign-language. See: Rififi's 30-minute heist sequence.

The Librarian?! Now there's something I haven't thought about since they aired. To be perfectly honest, I can only remember TNT's(?) extensive marketing campaign. That, and the battle in that mock temple/pyramid/whatever from the first entry. I don't even recall the third movie. Now if I could forget Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Originally Posted by Sea Monarch
I envision it as being intertwined with a half frozen, half lush Irish/Scottish Highland, or in similar hills in England while, searching for Excalibur, or something of that nature.

While I'm down for a snowbound Indy adventure, please, Allah, no. Let's leave the Scottish Highlands* to Heathcliff & Catherine. In the words of Robert Byron,

Drink the high air. Stroke the stone
with your own soft hands. Say good-
bye to the West if you own it. And
then turn, tourist, to the East.

*Besides, Lara Croft already found Excalibur.
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