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Originally Posted by Le Saboteur
I'm positive it isn't original, but it could be handled well; i.e., forcing everybody has to use sign-language. See: Rififi's 30-minute heist sequence.

The Librarian?! Now there's something I haven't thought about since they aired. To be perfectly honest, I can only remember TNT's(?) extensive marketing campaign. That, and the battle in that mock temple/pyramid/whatever from the first entry. I don't even recall the third movie. Now if I could forget Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

While I'm down for a snowbound Indy adventure, please, Allah, no. Let's leave the Scottish Highlands* to Heathcliff & Catherine. In the words of Robert Byron,

Drink the high air. Stroke the stone
with your own soft hands. Say good-
bye to the West if you own it. And
then turn, tourist, to the East.

*Besides, Lara Croft already found Excalibur.

Did you mean Sallah? He doesn't travel much outside of Cairo, due to his digging company, and his large family.

Awww, what's wrong with Highlands?
Btw, I just love Lord Byron! You can say and do, no wrong, when quoting Lord Byron, or ending a sentence with him.
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