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Originally Posted by Darth Vile
I certainly like the idea of a snowy locale, and also a quest for Atlantis is an obvious choice (now KOTCS has taken us away from the more routine quest for religious artifacts).

The only thing I'd say is that I wouldn't want to see an Indy movie where the main locale was just snow and ice... simply because it gets quite bland, and fast. Perhaps 20/30 minutes in the snow/tundra would do before moving to a warmer climate.
Or the film could start in a warmer climate. Obviously, the university would be in one of the earlier scenes. The Indy movies don't start at the final discovery location right away. These films take the viewer to different locations where the clues are to be discovered. Maybe Indy could find more clues where the Piri Reis map was discovered. According to wiki, the map was discovered in a Turkish palace in 1929 by Halil Edhem on Gustav Adolf Deissman's request. Maybe one of them took an artifact with an additional clue to their own home. If Deissman took it, then Indy would have to fly to Germany to find it. Or it could just be Deissman's diary or notes. Other locations that Indy could explore are Christopher Columbus's home in Valladolid, Spain and Zheng He's secret cellar somewhere in the Temple of Mazu in Nanjing, China.
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