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Originally Posted by Montana Smith

I copied and pasted and didn't notice it. But how did they let that one slip through the editing process?

Edit: Wiki has 'South' and 'Noon'.

Strange. In French, the word, 'south', is 'sud' so it's hard to imagine how 'midi' is being translated as such.
Originally Posted by Me
Man, I was just at Mont Blanc 2 weeks ago driving through the St. Bernard pass! I've been driven by (and flown over) so many times but have never been up it. Those stunning pictures are giving me idea of what to do this weekend.
Just one day after writing the above, I went up there! Since I had to go to Geneva and was about a 45 min. drive from Chamonix in France, the sunny weather was begging for a trip to this wonderful location. Quite simply, it was a spectacular view and the highest place that I've been to, so far (3900 m / 12,795 ft). A humbling experience.

There are tunnels within the peak and an elevator which takes you up to the needle. The chalet houses a labyrinth of staircases.

Stoo at the Needle of Noon!

Third photo from the bottom has the Bosson Glacier in the foreground. The last one has a halo prism around the shadow of our cable car.

The Mont Blanc massif is a dangerous area, though, and it's common for climbers to die there (with about 3 or 4 deaths just last month alone ) which makes it a snowy locale suited for Dr. Jones.
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