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Question Re: Pin #6

I posted this at COB, too. Has anyone identified Pin #6 yet?

I wanted to point out that there were many men's-only 4-year colleges in the 50s that closed in the 70s when everything was going co-ed (ditto for private 'prep' schools as costs went up), lots of small fraternities also never went 'national' successfully and went extinct.

So, besides looking for currently-available frats and colleges/prep schools, you may be faced with looking for something extinct (archaeology, anyone?) as well.

Where did Mutt's alleged father (RAF Williams) go to school or university in England before the war? And also, where besides the University of Chicago did Oxley attend or teach at while he helped Marion raise Mutt?

(Which still begs the question: how did Marion and Oxley hook up, and why'd she stay with him so long, besides Mutt being there?)
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