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Originally Posted by Grizzlor
I'm really amazed at how candid Darabount has been about this. He has, since the moment his script was summarily dismissed, been furious with Lucas. And with good reason. Lucas probably KO'ed the movie for good, for what reason?

I am likewise amazed, and I appreciate his candidness. Darabont is not a guy who needs to play everything correctly in order to make a living. He's an accomplished guy and can "call things as they are" without jeopardizing his next job. More power to him for being honest.

On the flipside, I know the arrows will come shooting at me for this, but oh well. I trust George Lucas' creative judgement completely. I trust Spielberg's creative judgement completely. Why? Because if it weren't for those two gentlemen, film would still be in the stone age. I'm exaggerating a tad, since there have been other quite talented directors, etc... But these two men have demostrated over and over that they can put out remarkably entertaining stuff (and spare me the Star Wars 1,2,3 comments!), and have pushed the film industry to remarkable heights (count how many movie credits don't contain the name "lucas" in some fashion or another referring to George Lucas. It's amazing).

I would loved to have seen the movie based on Darabont's draft, but you know what, I'm sure I'm going to be quite pleased with the way Indy 4 turns out just the same. I trust them. Indy 4 was not KO'ed for good!

I appreciate your opinions Grizzlor!
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