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PART lll

I followed the driver and the guide back down to the main path and we went further up the road. I had a feeling that this is way off. We were walking further away from the mountainpeak that i used as a guide to find the shrine. I told the others but they seemed determined that they were on the right track.
We came to a new sign that said “Kitool Mulla Division”

Me. "Wait a minute guys. (finds the road description that ijq8 had written) Look! see? This is way off. we have gone too far. We have to go back."

Driver: "But the guides brother worked on the film. He knows where it is"

Me: "Well that was his brother, not him and from the description i have in my hands and by looking at the peak we are walking further away from i say that he doesnt know exactly where it is. This is just a waste of time. From my point of view the shrine should be right there" (points at a spot)

Driver: "If you say so"

We didnt go back to the production road. We went of the road and walked by big rock and bushes. Not an easy path to take but i was determined to find the shrine. The others followed behind. Driver, dressed in nice shoes and suitpants didnt seem to enjoy this very much.
The further up we came the closer i felt we were to the shrine. I looked at every big rock we passed.

Me: "nope. Not that one......not that one either.."

Driver: "Sir..i think we should go back and just follow the guides route"

Me: (thinks: "Can you please shut up?") "I'm not going back there. we are close. You guys just wait here. I'll call you if i find it"

I went further up by myself, looked at big rocks and pushing myself through bushes and fell through a couple of holes on the ground that were covered by grass and bushes.

Me: (thinks) "I'm close. I'm really close now. I can feel it. There is something familiar about this place and that is a good sign"

I suddenly cale to a place that were covered with bushes and i could see that there was a big hole under them.

Me: (Thinks) "Sh**! How the He** can i pass this? Never know whats in those bushes or how deep the hole is. Dangit! I'm so close." (looks at a big rock standing next to me) "Ah i can climb up this rock and get a view of the area"

I climbed up to the top of the rock. I could see the others further down the tea field. I searced for the shrine but i couldnt see it.

Me: "This is it. It should be here. Why can't i see it?"

Driver: (Shouting) "Have you found it sir?"

Me: "Wait!" (still searching with my eyes)........I can't see it but i should be here, i know it!"

Driver: (shouting) "Sir, come. We follow the guide. We'll find it."

Me: (thinks) "dangit! I know it's here. It must be. I can't be wrong...(climbs down the rock)...i just can't"

Walking down to meet up with the others again i walked further away from the one thing that i was there for. Hidden in plain sight it had to wait for me a little longer.
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