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After following the guide for a while i was now certain he didn't know where he was going. We were way of. I had cut my hand pretty badly so i wrapped some cloth around it. Driver also got hurt during this little expedition. He cut his led and injured a toe. We all started to look really messed up. With No food and no water we started to get really tired.

Me: "Okay, this is rediculous. Let's get back to the main path and find that road we were about to follow. It will lead us straight to the shrine."

The others agreed and we went back to the main path. Driver had to sit down. He was really tired. He was a bit concerned by the wounds he got (I had given him some tissues and bandage)

Me: "We'll we wouldn't have been in this mess if we just stuck to the road at first. We are way off now"

Driver: "Probably but i'm sure we need the guide"

Me: "I told you we didnt need him in the first place. We are actually way off because of him"

Driver: "He is a nice guy.."

Me: "I'm sure he is but that doesn't mean we need him for this. Where is he anyway?"

Looking after the guide i spotted him further up the road. He was talking to an old lady whom was working in the fields.

Me: "dangit! We don't need more people to help us. Let's just go back to that road and i'll show you"

We walked towards the guide and the old lady. I passed, walking back towards the production road. Driver stopped and had a chat with the guide and the lady. I heard the lady shouting after another one"

Driver: (Shouting) "Sir! Sir!"

Me: (have been walking å bit down the road before i turn around) "What?"

Driver: "The photo! Come with the photo!"

Me: (Thinking) "geez this should be interesting" (sarcasm)

I walked back to them and then there was another guy there, younger than the lady.

Driver: "Show him the photo! Show him"

Me: "Alright keep your shirt on"

I showed the guy the photo of the shrine. He examined it and then suddenly "ah." and then he used his machete to point out the location"

Me: "Yes i know it's there. That's what i've been telling all the time but how does he know?"

Driver: (asks the man)"..he's saying he was one of the village kids in the film"

Me: "oh really? How old is he?"

Driver: "He's about 40"

Me: "Okay. I can believe it"

So another guide was added to the group whom i called "Slave kid"

Slave Kid showing the way

We didnt follow the road but went straight up through the fields of rocks and bushes. We walked a bit until i started to recognize something. I turned towards Driver with a bit of a mean look

Driver: "What is it sir?"

Me: "This is the same rock i climbed on top of earlier"

Driver: :[

Passing the big rock, Slave Kid said we had to pass through a little jungle of bushes. We did and boy that was heavy. All the branches were really tight, almost felt like passing a crowd of people who scratched and pulled you from every directions.

Spot the frustration in those eyes.

After climbing rocks and passing through more bushes i heard Slave Kid up ahead, shouting.

Driver: "We have found it sir"

Me: "About time"

I came through some bushes and spotted Slave Kid standing on the side of a big boulder and then i spotted the shrine next to him. I pushed myself through some branches and then suddenly i was there.
Tired,dirty and wounded i walked up to the shrine, up the one step that is still standing(the other two are still there but have been tipped over. I didnt bother to ask the others to help me put them back because i was too tired, as well were the others)

I looked around. The whole area around the shrine is covered with trees and bushes so it was no wonder i couldnt spot it (but i would have if i just followed the production road)

Pose by the shrine, finally (notice my hand wrapped up. I can still see the scar right now while typing this)

Me with the Guide and Slave Kid.

Driver and me. Mission complete....finally.

After taken photos and such we decided it was time to head back. We followed Slave Kid through tha bushes but after we came out from the bushes we went a different direction. We came to the road wich Slave Kid confirmed was made for the production of the film.

After had said goodbye to Slave Kid and the Guide, Driver drove me back to the hotel

Me: "We'll....i think we jinxed ourself by saying the last one was going to be easy"

Driver: "I agree with you sir"

While sitting in the car i felt something in my leg, inside my pants. I felt it falling out from my leg.

Me: "What the he..(looking down on the floor) gotta be kidding me."

Driver: "What is it sir?"

Me: Look on the floor, there"

Driver: "What..(looks)...Holy! That's a leech! Was it on you?"

Me: "Yup. It fell out from my leg"

Driver takes a piece of paper and picks up the leech and throws it out the window while i'm checking myself for more.

Driver: "Got any more on you?"

Me: "I don't think so but that one's been having a fiest on my knee apparently" (my knee was bloody. It even showed through my jeans)

We arrived the hotel and was greeted by the receptionist. I wanted to pose for a photo of my knee(my first leech attack :P ). After the photo was taken the receptionist noticed that that wasnt the only bloody place on my leg. He noticed my sock was soaked with blood too. Apparently i had cut myself badly on my leg. But before i went down to my room the have my wounds cleaned driver thanked me for the day. He had such a great time and was much different experience than what he usually do in his work and he gave my a few words that i think i'll never forget:

"Sir, you are a very lucky man. With that will of yours you can do anything"

Back in my room i took a closer look at the cut on my leg. It was bad. Blood was pouring out from it, like REALLY. My sock was so soaked i could squeeze alot of blood out of it.

The last mission gave me quite a sour feeling. Much because we could have found it sooner and without all the wounds we got but also that i had an arguement with driver, him claiming we would never have found the shrine without the guide while i say we would have found it without. So a bit of my pride got a slap during the mission but while laying there in my hotelroom, resting and having a bit of a hard time letting that sour feeling go i came to think that this is some of the things that happen to Indiana Jones as well. He doesnt always get away with is pride intact during his adventures. He does the job, gets beaten up and others steal the glory.

It wasn't that bad after all. I found the place and it was a great experience getting there.

And after my vissit to Kandy, Driver (actually named Hinosh) is now planning and Indiana Jones-tour and said he will have that jungle around the shrine cut down so that people can find it easily and he will gladly help any Indyfans around.

I think this is about it from that one specific day in Kandy. Hope you all liked my story and now i'm looking forward to the next indyfan telling his/hers.

Hats off to you all.

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