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I didn't see anything of the houses or anything else but i didn't search the area much because me and the others were really tired and the temperature didn't help much (it was pretty hot).
But when i searched the place from the top of the rock i was standing on i noticed that the whole area that were used for the village was overgrown with grass that were really high, reaching taller than a average man. The grass was ONLY in that area through the whole plantage.
And in front of the shrine there were this tight little jungle of bushes and trees,(as i mentioned) and that also was ONLY in that area. During the production, the village area was just dry and sandy.
It's weird how much stuff that can pop up during 30 years. Nature has pretty much reclaimed the whole place using strong force.

PS: This was in Sri Lanka, not India And yes. This was just one of my days in Kandy. I was in Sri Lanka for ten days in total and traveled around.

Thank you for reading my story.


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