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I have not read any of the books mentioned in this thread. But they all sound very interesting.

I am also very interested in the subject of the Nazi's and their obsession with the occult.

I have recently read two books concerning the possibility that Hitler survived WWII and escaped to South America. One was kind of cheesy, but the other was very well researched.

Fascinating subject. Right now I'm kind of sitting on the fence. I think there is an equal amount of evidence to support either theory; that Hitler survived and escaped, or that he died in the bunker.

But as for the subject of Nazi occultism. Very interesting. Raiders of the Lost Ark is fiction, but is it too far from the truth?

The 1930's was a fascinating decade. There WERE actually teams of Nazi Archaeologists combing the world. For real! It's thanks to them that we today have ...Indiana Jones!
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