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Originally Posted by Skylover SC
Two days ago Pablo Hidalgo said on Twitter that Ben Burtt worked on a new edit of Attack of the Hawkmen this year.
VERY COOL news, Skylover, though I doubt we'll get to see it anytime soon, if ever. Someone asked him about "the odds" but he hasn't answered.
Originally Posted by InexorableTash
Looks like Hidalgo is on a YIJ roll the last few days on the Twitters.
It also looks like he's only now finding out about the longer Canadian broadcast versions. I discovered those differences c.20 years ago when transferring my VHS tapes to DVD and it makes me feel like starting a Twitter account just to talk to him. He needs some Young Indy education.
Originally Posted by michael
Recently watched this episode, and it secretly has a bit of the Raiders March in a scene!
Nice find, micheal. Good ear!
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