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Originally Posted by InexorableTash
What we really need is a complete track list for the entire series and list sources for each track. Um, but that terrifies me.)
I started one and it's looooong. Excellent work on the indentifications, Tash (and you said you didn't have an ear for music)! I figured out another one (and another LEGO track):

Special Delivery/mainvillage-1
Congo 1917, Title Card & Opening Bookend (fades just as Old Indy’s “flashback” begins)

In Hunting for Treasure/062_OnShip_rotating-1, you can hear a voice at the end saying, "Very good"!

Originally Posted by Thorpe
Are you just providing tracklistings then? So there is no material?
You can extract the tracks from the games that are on the DVDs.
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