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Originally Posted by InexorableTash
While The Raven was offline, Stoo and I made a fair amount of progress in identifying the unreleased Young Indy tracks from LEGO Indiana Jones, DVD credits, and the Young Indy games on the Bonus DVDs. We started to tackle the Big Project alluded to earlier in the thread: a complete cue list for the series. It's in one of the Google Spreadsheets linked to earlier in the thread, if you'd like to take a peek:
That was a blast, Tash. It's a pleasure collaborating with you. Did you buy the "Staff of Kings" game yet? Curious to know if there's anything new or if it rehashes the Young Indy tracks from the LEGO game? About the remaining, unidentified stuff: I think there is much more than 10 minutes. There's just so much material to go through...
Originally Posted by fommes
I'm afraid I'm still too tied up in June, but should be able to help early July and late August. I'll try and contribute a sort of editing guide then, on the basis of your truly excellent stylesheet!
FYI, Tash's notes are in red and mine are green. Confirmed tracks are black. When you're ready, pick a colour! Any suggestions you have on making it as coherent as possible are welcome.
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