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Originally Posted by InexorableTash
As announced over on its message board, the 1990-2005 archives of Film Score Monthly are now available for free download.

Relevant to this thread is Issue #44 which contains an issue with Joel McNeely about scoring YIJ. The article gives some background on McNeely and he discusses Lucas' dreaded temp-tracks, why Africa is more "jazz" than Paris, and the challenge of living up to the incredible visuals of the episodes.

These earlier PDFs are scans/bitmaps with no OCR so the text is not searchable. I don't suppose anyone wants to dig in for other YIJC tidbits?

EDIT: issue #30/31 has a review of the Vol 2 OST, and issue #36/37 has a review of the Vol 3 OST. There's an extremely short interview with Rosenthal in issue #49 that mentions YIJC - and the SW prequels and Indy 4 (this is in 1994!)

WARNING: The file server is hella slow. On an extremely fast connection the 32MB download took several minutes and appeared to hang. I assume they're using an RFC 1149 compliant server or something.

WOW!!!! InexorableTash, you have made my day with this post. Fantastic find. I will download all issues and will try to OCR them all in a hope maybe to find more references. Thanks sooo muchhhh for thissssss!!!!!!!
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