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Dig Quest For Song Title

"Arrival in Paris" on Vol.1 is improperly credited to Joel McNeely, which (to anyone following this thread knows) is not an isolated case. Many classic & traditional themes have been incorporated into the Young Indy music and credit was given to whomever, supposedly, for their 'arrangement'. This track, however, cannot be classified as such because there's nothing different in the melody.

For anyone curious, here's where it can heard on the DVDs:

"Passion for Life/Paris 1908"
- From arriving at the train station up until Indy seeing the Mona Lisa.

"Demons of Deception/Paris 1916"
- From arriving at the train station up until Indy getting dropped off at Professor Levi's place.
- Indy arriving at Mata Hari's hotel for the 1st time.
- With Remy & prostitutes at the brothel.

I've heard the tune twice very recently. First, while actually in Paris, an accordion player was doing it (outside a major train station, too!) but I didn't have time to stop & ask. Second, was in a movie (with an almost identical shot to one in Young Indy).

It's definitely a waltz (due to the triple metre beat) so I've been searching for 'famous French waltzes' no avail.

What the heck is it?
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