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Originally Posted by InexorableTash
Intrada is still interested in doing a complete Young Indy release:
For posterity's sake, here's the bit:

Does the fact that Disney bought Lucasfilm mean something can be expected for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones sagas, or Willow?
I’m not sure yet. I’d love to do the complete Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, so we’ll see. I love the music of Laurence Rosenthal and Joel McNeely, who did a large number of the episodes and TV movies. And there are some Frédéric Talgorn scores in there as well, and I love his music. It would be an amazing set.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. A "complete" set would be enormous! Considering a CD can hold about 74-80 minutes of music max. (without compression), it hurts my brain trying to calculate how many discs such a set would be!

(Tash, somewhere in this thread you posted the total amount of minutes available so far but I can't find it.)
Originally Posted by Juicy Joosse
That sounds more like BTTP...
Hey, don't knock vinyl. Recent years have seen a resurgence in LPs so they've been making a comeback. I even bought my niece a little stereo and Beatles albums and she loves it.

As a long-time record collector, I'd MUCH prefer CDs to downloads because I want something to actually touch…but nothing beats vinyl for the warmth of sound.
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