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Originally Posted by Sea Monarch
Hahaha, those are my favorites too (not to mention Star Wars). Consequently, I also couldn't help, but notice this uncanny parallel, even at the time. Still, it's a great observation, you make! You have good taste. So, they were both great yrs, wouldn't you agree?

I think I commented on the similar releases between those two years before (I'm sure I'm not the only), but as if that wasn't ironic enough, another parallel between '08, and '89, is that with both of these summers a U2 movie had been released theatrically, within less than a year, prior to all of them! U2: Rattle And Hum towards end of 1988, and U2-3D in early 2008!

Amazing coincidence, huh? What are the odds? Add to that, the coincidence that, before I stopped to read this post now, I had put 007: License To Kill, on earlier today, and have had it on repeat for much of the day,

Nice catch! As a big U2 fan I should have caught that. Well done.
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