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For the record Rick 5150, when it comes to respect on these boards, I think you are #1 on the list, and I thank you for that.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Matthew 7:12).

(Actually, my Bible says, "Therefore all that you wish men to do to you, even so do you also to them." Same with Luke 6:31 - "And even as you wish men to do to you, so do you also to them.")

I have learned that folks often get what they give. I was a moderator/administrator at a couple of forums before starting my own bulletin board where I encourage controversial topics. It is difficult to learn anything new if you do not listen to alternate opinions.

You do not have to thank me. My personal opinion is that there are few things as enlightening as having a debate (often heated) with someone and you both walk away having learned something. Extra bonus if you are still on speaking terms when it is over

My first rule of any internet forum? Have fun. Everything beyond that is icing on the cake.
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