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Originally Posted by Pale Horse
But at the heart of the story is the fallen man. The empirical arguement of this thread, once you strip it of all the presuppositions we add to it is whether or not you believe that man is fallen.
Part of the difficulty for some (as I see it) lies in this: to accept the reality that man is fallen/unregenerate, ultimately leads to the conclusion that sin is a reality, and the existence of sin requires both accountability and atonement. The redemption aspect has been provided for by God through the sacrifice of His Son, as the Creator recognizes that a flawed humanity is incapable of paying the price for their own unrighteousness or living up to the standard of His holy law. But the me this hits on the idea of Christ as a scandalon: the stumbling block, or offense, that helps lead men to conviction of sin. At the core, prideful humanity doesn't want to be convinced of their own sinfulness, which is why I believe many reject the idea of fallen man altogether.
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