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129) Participating in a basket chase can make you feel like a basket case.

130) Whiskey helps in most situations.

131) Under extreme circumstances, throwing a guy out of a blimp is completely acceptable.

132) Don't trust your employer if he tells you not to. (Umm...first sign that something is off.)

133) Beneath all the libraries in Venice dwell rats, petroleum, and dead people.

134) Guys: when a girl takes your Fedora off, this is significant.

135) Flying is necessary, landing is optional.

136) There is ALWAYS a way out. Sometimes you just have to look harder for it than usual.

137) Nazis are bad. End of story.

138) No matter how stupid he may seem, listen to Dad. He knows what he's talking about.

139) Girls: if your former lover accidentally burns down your bar, love him anyway.

140) When all else fails, take a leap of faith.
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