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Originally Posted by InBanana Jones
I've finally ordered TFAOIJ vol. 3; yeah, it took me long enough...

The mystery of issue #35 intrigues me, though seeing that Muppet Babies stuff only reminds me how I felt back then that my own childhood was nearing its end. Still, I'm looking forward to reading the Linda Grant-penned stories and even giving Ditko's art--given my criticisms of his work in this thread--another chance.

I look forward to discussing these last Marvel Indy tales with everyone here.

Wow, this thread sure has changed since I last posted on it!

I was checking TFAOIJ on Amazon and it would seem that either Amazon is just no longer selling these omnibuses (omnibi?) or they're out of print everywhere, as the Amazon Marketplace vendors or selling vols. 1-3 for a significant markup! Anyone know for sure if these are still in print? I'm thankful I have these. It would be a shame if these Indy stories were no longer widely available. I'm sure with Indiana Jones/Lucasfilm properties being so "fluid" that they'll turn up reprinted once again. If they are, I hope that they are reprinted in a larger format because I'm sure I would buy them all over again.
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