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Originally Posted by Mickiana
Stoo, if there is a book, can you find out if we can order a copy over the net? Maybe I can get one that way in case the tour doesn't come close to me here in Australia.
Mickey, I will definitely look into that option. Trust me.
Originally Posted by Raider Mitch
There will be some Indy goodies in the gift shop... heard that today from Lucasfilm Exhibit Manager Kyra Bowling herself - so you can buy some items there!
Nice to know, Mitch, and I'll buy all the goodies I can. (Re: Kyra Bowling...What happened to Montreal's Kim Belair?)
Originally Posted by Raider Mitch
You'll have to wait until IndyCast#127 which will be on the week of May 1st to hear all the details on the show and what you can expect to see from the LFL Exhibits Manager.
It looks like I may be seeing this on April 30 or May 01...before the next Indy Cast!

When I recently informed one of my best friends about this exhibit (and the fact that it won't be going to Toronto), he decided to come to town so we can do it together! (and he's not even a HARDCORE Indy fan).

Good time ahead...
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