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Sadly she was mistaken about a DVD, though from what she said I wouldn't be surprised if the films would be sold.

There is NO book like the The Magic of Myth. Though our French and English were sketchy she mentioned the exhibit was too small to warrant a book.

The Ultimate Guide, Lost Journal, ect are on the shelves already.

The unique items, (so far) are posters and t-shirts with the logo:

Originally Posted by Stoo

English versions won't be available for a week, but what Indy fan wouldn't prefer a foreign language version? She mentioned the shirts were in the twenty dollar range, (+$1.20 USD).

She also mentioned Fedoras in the same price range and various colors...colours? Her expression was "not a cowboy hat, but..."

There are buttons as well.

C'est la vie.

Stoo, please ask for her, I think she has a surprise for you, (and me).
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