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I forgot Lerman was Percy Jackson. Never saw those movies. I generally agree that a lesser-known would be better.

As much as I would love to see Ingruber in the role, I think it's far more likely that Disney agrees with Harrison Ford on the matter, and are looking for a talented actor that can make the role his own, rather than merely aping Ford's take on it. I would bet that they're looking for someone with some existing star power, too, though I guess they did go with lesser-knowns for the new main characters in The Force Awakens, so maybe they'll surprise us.

I don't know how you get away from fan expectation of seeing someone Ford-like in the role though. Han Solo and Ford are one and the same in most movie-goers' minds, I think.

*The article does indeed say that those actors are "among the names," so we're not seeing the complete list.
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