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Dig More identified tracks!

Was hoping to get this out before the new year, but better late than never. Happy 2017, everyone!

Good news: I've managed to identify five more elusive tracks! The bad news (sort of) is that only four of those five are from Young Indy. That's right, I made a blunder, and included music from the feature films, albeit still unofficially released. We can cross off track #20 from our list and just keep it 'on the back burner' so to speak. "Entering the Nepalese Temple" is in fact the alternative track to Raiders' "Indy Rides the Statue", but to the best of my knowledge it has never been included in an official release of the film's soundtrack (nor does it appear in the actual film). Curiously, a YouTuber by the name of 2041 Productions has uploaded this very piece, take a listen:

The original source might've been from a bootleg of the recording sessions or something. I have not been able to find out for sure. Does anybody know the true source of this music? Either way, its cool to know that SoK is rich with unreleased music from beyond the TV series - amazing, when you consider the vast library of music the game's developers had access to! I wonder what other forgotten gems might be scattered throughout the game ...


Onto Young Indy:

1) I would like to make a correction to track #3, which plays during the second half of the Sudan mission's combat tutorial. A while back, Tash pointed out that some unused music from Attack of the Hawkmen appears briefly, here. At the time, I was not able to identify this new music, so I just sort of brushed it off as an extension to the already existing "Dogfight with the Red Baron". Further examination of the video has lead to me discover that Tash is in fact, correct. While "Dogfight" is predominantly featured, it is mixed with roughly forty-five seconds of the unreleased "To the Chateau". Here's a breakdown with the video for reference:

Walkthrough Duration: 14:03 - 16:12

Track Breakdown:
i) "Dogfight w/the Red Baron" (previously released on DVD) 14:03 - 14:51
ii) "To the Chateau" (unreleased) 14:51 - 15:24*
iii) "Dogfight w/the Red Baron" (resumes) 15:24 - 16:12

DVD Duration: 0:24:25 - 0:25:00* ("To the Chateau" plays during the short scene where Hobey Baker takes off in his biplane to rescue Indy, who had just been shot down by the Baron Von Richthofen!).

2) Another suite was arranged for track #12, Panama mission's "Mayan Astronomy Puzzle", this time using music from Oganga: The Giver and Taker of Life/Congo, 1917. The unreleased portion in question is exactly fifty-two seconds from "Petty Bureaucrat With a Gun". It is mixed with two previously released tracks, "Rostand's River Arrest" and "Delirious Indy".

Walkthrough Duration: 13:20 - 15:43

Track Breakdown:
i) "Rostands' River Arrest" (previously released in Lego Indy 2) 13:20 - 14:00
ii)"Petty Bureaucrat w/a Gun" (unreleased) 14:00 - 14:52*
iii)"Delirious Indy" (previously released in Lego Indy 1) 14:52 - 15:43

DVD Duration: 1:17:41 - 1:19:38* (All of these tracks, except "Delirious", are used during the night-time arrest of Albert Schweitzer. It is unfortunate that there is still approximately one minute of material missing from "Bureaucrat", because that preceded by "River Arrest" and arranged with OST #2's "Albert Schweitzer, Prisoner of War", would have made the score for this climactic scene complete).

3) A little more streamlined; track #14, Istanbul's "Third Descent Into the Catacombs" relies on "You Look Uncomfortable" from Trenches of Hell/Germany, 1916. It too does not appear to be in it's complete form as only one minute of its run time can be heard in the walkthrough (in the episode, it clocks in around two and a half minutes).

Walkthrough Duration: 21:01 - 22:08

DVD Duration: 0:54:54 - 0:56:17 ("You Look Uncomfortable" is used for the scene when Capt. Heinz confronts and intimidates Benet in the prisoner's quarters. Benet retorts: "It must be that smell Captain Heinz. The smell of Germany, the armpit of Europe!" P.S. I mean no ill will to any German people).

4) Finally, we have yet another piece from Daredevils of the Desert; track #21, Nepal's "Solving the Reed Basket Riddle" is from an unreleased track which I named "Thirsting for Water" (not very original I know, I am open to any other suggestions) .

Walkthrough Duration: 6:57 - 7:33

DVD Duration: 0:47:51 - 0:48:24 (As suggested by the made up title, this is a scene where the British and Australian Lighthorse Regiment are subjected to the sweltering Arabian sun while on the trek to Beersheeba. They are literally thirsting for water because they're supply is almost dried up and their horses are perishing in the desert).


That's it for now! I hope that despite not owning the actual game, I have been able to provide so far, the best possible, clear and concise guide that I can muster. Please don't hesitate to holler down below if you have any questions or concerns, as I would be happy to address them! Also, I would like to know if scene descriptions (like the kinds made in this post) for each of the identified tracks would be helpful in understanding their episodic context? Some of my earlier finds don't have them, as you may be able to tell. On a separate matter, would you guys like to see a complete updated list with all of these recent changes implemented, or is this post/update sufficient enough?

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