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Originally Posted by vf wing
Oooooh man. I was truly and completely blown away by this episode. Just watched it this morning. I was looking forward to it anyway because of the setting, thinking there might be some fantastic African music in it (there was) and wanting to learn more of Albert Schweitzer.

What I got was one of the most powerful anti-war statements I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. And when I was expecting some native music to captivate me, it was Bach who literally stole the show. The piece played over the montage, leading us back to the reveal of Schweitzer himself playing, was achingly beautiful.

It's terrific that you and your dad are able to bond while watching these Nurhachi. My mom and I are both enjoying the Terminator tv show in a similar way.

Not exactly an action-packed episode, but it proved (to me, at least) that an Indy tale doesn't necessarily have to feature that particular element front and center to be thoroughly engrossing. I found the documentaries to be extremely enlightening as well. My favorite episode thus far!

I agree, "Oganga" was truly a superb two-parter. Very well-done, and both of these episodes really looked good when edited into a an hour and a half movie since they were meant to go together to begin with.

Yes, the Bach music was very moving - when I think back on this particular piece by Bach, I always relate it to the "Oganga" episode since it really seems to fit the scenes it's played over.
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