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Originally Posted by Stoo
My PM box is full but I downloaded 2 files awhile ago and they are .cbr files which I can't seem to open. What are the Indy contents of "Star Wars Weekly 1983" and "Marvel Age #9, 1983"?

Comicrack is great but bloated and can slow your system to a crawl. Recommended cdisplayex.

Star Wars Weekly is the British reprints of Marvel's Star Wars comic and always featured a back up strip. This is the first issue that reprint Marvel's Further Adventures of Indiana Jones.

Marvel Age has some pencils by Kerry Gammill from the Further Adventures.

Originally Posted by Moedred
You can store 200 MB for free at MediaFire. If it fills up, start another. No wait times, pop-ups, etc. You can monitor how many downloads per file. Just visit the site at least once a month and it won't vanish.

I have both a Mediafire and Rapidshare account. I use Rapidshare just for the storage but if anyone requests otherwise I will upload to Mediafire.
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