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Wested Hero (shrunken lamb) Sizing questions

I am probably going to purchase a wested hero in shrunken lamb in either a size 44 or 46 reg depending, I will be using my custom raiders size 46 for the sleeve and back length measurements but not the chest measurements as the jacket is too big on me in that area.

My question is, could any wested hero owners in either a 44 or 46 supply their jacket measurements (due to the raiders odd fit) as I don't want to order that jacket and have it too long on the sleeves and the back length which seems to be the common issue with the jacket.

Measurements required -

1) Shoulder length from the side of the collar base to the shoulder/sleeve seam (this will help choose the correct sleeve length so as not too long)

2) Back length from the base of the collar to the bottom of the jacket (so I don't order too long)

3) Pit to Pit measurement across the front of the jacket when zipped (this will help me pick the correct chest size - I know wested won't use this measurement anymore so I thought i'd ask on here for help)

I am around 5' 10/11" with a chest size of 112cm / 44" reg, the reason I ask for this measurement is that from what i have read, wested allow for layering with a jumper in their chest measurements which will probably make the jacket too big as all I would be wearing under the jacket would be either a shirt or t-shirt so would like to size accordingly.

I have already made initial contact with Helen @ Wested for more info but was mainly to obtain a sample of the current batch of shrunken lamb hide for colour/shade purposes.

Thanks chaps for you help.
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