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Originally Posted by Icybro
I've got graphs for all the other books too, but I'm tired and I don't know if anybody besides me cares anyway

Nice flowchart, Icybro. Your proposition of which storyline to treat as the right one, is very sound. I like what you've done but noticed that page 118 has no result after it. Is it the end of a path. (I no longer have my copy to check.)
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
I was always a big fan of these books when I was younger. Maybe someone will use it to plot out interactive animated Indy adventures! Nice work...
'Interactive animated Indy adventure'. Now there's an idea...

Re: the books, I'm the opposite of you. After buying the 1st one, "Curse of Horror Island" when it came out back in '84, I found it a bit too childish for someone in their late teens and never bought any more. Down the road, I got rid of the book which is something I regret because now I want them ALL (especially "Ape Slaves of Howling Island" just for the title alone)!
Originally Posted by m-3po
I'm quite surprised with some of the Young Indy CYO books in that their choices are very limited and ultimately the longest line is pretty short.
Lucky you, m-3po. These books rarely get mentioned here at The Raven and are also on my want-list. An opportunity to get them slipped right through my fingers: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Choose Your Own Adventure books
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