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Originally Posted by Moedred
The cover artwork is original, right?
The artwork is certainly original and darned gorgeous, too. Worth having for just the covers alone. Nice discovery, Moedred!
Originally Posted by Violet
I so want these!!! Is there any pics of the inside pages around? I'm really curious to see how they styled Young Indy in manga form!
These books are probably just text, Violet. If there are any illustrations inside, it's a good bet there are done traditionally and not in cartoon fashion. To see Young Indy in manga () style, follow the links in this thread: Indiana Jones Manga
Originally Posted by Junior Jones
Most of the likenesses are very good, but there's definitely something wrong with Indy's eyes on this one:
He looks like a cross between a young Mickey Rooney and a young Jerry Lewis!
Originally Posted by Inexorable Tash
Stoo: more fodder for the "Vol 6/7/8" covers?
Yes! Great minds think alike.
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