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Originally Posted by Indy86
I'm yet to see that one. Ten more to go. It's getting better.

No, that was the Frank Darabont script for what become ...Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, though it seems I conflated two moments in one action sequence.

Indy snap-rolls the plane rightside-up again with a "no big deal" look on his face. Apparently, he's become an expert pilot since "Temple of Doom."


Indy wrestles the plane in a dead glide, dropping fast, desperately looking for a place to set down. He dead-sticks it toward a clearing, trying to line up for a landing.

Hang on!

The landing gear tears off as they clip a tree and belly-skid in. The wings are ripped off by passing tree trunks, then the plane finally comes to a stop. All things considered, it's a pretty damn good landing. Indy looks stunned that he pulled it off. He tosses a cocky smile over his shoulder at Marion...
...but she points. He turns forward to see FLAMES ERUPTING from the engine.
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