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Originally Posted by lairdo
Agreed. That is a great list. I would expand it a bit if you want to get a full YIJC experience. (Note that Mystery of the Blues happens after Winds of Change)

Love's Sweet Song - it connects Spring Break Adventure and sets up Indy in WWI
Trenches of Hell - I know this sequence (and the unmade part III) were important to George. It also serves as a contrast to Hawkmen in some way
Oganga, Giver and Taker of Life - An adventure (that starts fun and turns serious) with lots of life lessons for Indy.

Updated in order:

-My First Adventure
-Travels with Father
-Spring Break Adventure
-Love's Sweet Song
-Trenches of Hell
-Oganga, Giver and Taker of Life
-Attack of the Hawkmen
-Daredevils of the Desert
-Masks of Evil
-Treasure of the Peacock's Eye
-Winds of Change
-Mystery of the Blues

And maybe add the first half of Demons of Deception (Verdun). Of course, I like something about all of them.


The ones I picked I did because they contain a good bulk of the story, are episodes that expand on Indy's background, and would I feel be the most accessible to new watchers.
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