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Originally Posted by goodeknight
No real treaty or peace process involved. We're not talking about taking away a country's biological weapons. This was a bully coming in to take the best toys.

Yeah, before the ADD Egyptian kid ripped the limbs from all the toys, lost some in the sand box and sold the remains to a different nation albeit in unrecognizable pieces!

No surprise this is where our opinions diverge, so you can don your sack cloth, rest (on) your ashes and gnash your teeth wailing for the return of the Stone. But guess what, it’s safe in Britain. Egypt can’t guarantee it’s safety and Heidi Zawass should be kissing England’s pasty white ass for rescuing it from money hungry glory hounds looter thieves and charlatans like Heidi himself!

The Rosetta Stone isn’t Hong Kong baby, so don’t hold your breath! (…or do, you might enjoy it!) Egypt has more important problems to solve before the Stone, it’s not as though they haven’t been passing the reproduction off as the original, (LIARS!).

By the way, I'm just not going to read your sited volume to corroborate some claim YOU'VE made. That's like the hyperbole Heidi Zawass has put forth in claiming the Stone would be safe, and providing no real plan. Please site chapter page, ect. in support of your claim and what new age bookstore or traveling gypsy I need to find in order to view it. Oh and Dannekin Von Erick, (Leaping Lanny Poppov?) wrote a book about Flying Saucers, should we be putting the Stone back until the Aliens come back for it?

The Egyptians stole it from the Aliens...they were the ones who cracked the Alien language off the top! If we still had that we could send them a message they could understand to come back and get it!
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