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Whoa... OK.

Anyway, just commenting on the Nefertiti, about it being covered in mud or something along those lines to be smuggled out. I am fairly certain that the allegation is false for two reasons. The first is that the German archaeologists and "preservationists" of the day were notoriously bad when it came to washing artifacts. I say this because a number of the Egyptian artifacts had been removed of their pigments during cleaning and I could see this easily happening, especially turn of the century trying to remove mud or anything else covering the bust.
The second is the argument over the legal documents from 1924. Whether or not they were ethical, etc is irrelevant IF someone had evidence or it was a fact that it was smuggled out of the country in the way described. The documents were misleading, or the bust was in a crate, or the Egyptian inspector didn't know what material it was made from, are all good excuses for trying to get out of a legal document. I would think that if they had proof it was snuck out they would be going down that road rather than arguing legal documents with, frankly, childish excuses.

But otherwise Hawass is an alright guy in my opinion. But I don't know what he meant with having to be shown the Rosetta Stone because he asked. I've seen it, and so have a lot of other people. Perhaps the comment is just out of context. Oh and speaking out of context, Nefertiti has a sweet set up in the Neues Museum! But I think I mentioned that in an earlier post.
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