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Originally Posted by Stoo
In retrospect, it is easy to make the "bully" comment but what exactly was Egypt doing to preserve their heritage in those (pre-Napoleonic) times? The Egyptian Museum DID NOT EVEN EXIST back then and there doesn't seem to have been much serious research into Egyptology until Europeans started doing the legwork. Who was leaving Egypt to "crumble in the dust for ages"? British & French imperialists or the Egyptians themselves?

Good point, but also keep in mind that those earliest antiquarians blew holes in pyramids with dynamite while looking for loot (Richard Vyse, 1830s or 40s I believe). They weren't exactly preservationists until Petrie came along in the 1880s, after about a century of pilfering.

Originally Posted by Stoo
I admire Dr. Hawass to certain extent. His showmanship certainly can't hurt the generation of interest in Egyptian history. Afterall, a copy of his signature hat is available to buy:

Totally agree, and nice link. Wow, the guy has his own signature hat. The other man with the hat is back, and his name is Zahi Hawass.

Originally Posted by Stoo
P.S. Why do you keep citing Said's Orientalism, if you "disagree with the majority of what he says"?

Another good point, Stoo. For this discussion, Orientalism serves its purpose. I agree with Said that the west has a strong tendency to subjugate the east. But he goes way overboard after making that basic statement.
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