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Originally Posted by Vance
I was responding to the specific desire to rewrite the game's engine to be a 3D suite with all the work and time involved. It's not impossible, and, hell, a 3D "immersive" version of SCUMM would be a great thing for PC gaming.. but... it's neither easy or fast to do. It would be a pretty major undertaking... very much akin to making a new (albiet moddable) Drakes Fortune game.
The thing is, IM is not really an adventure game, but an action platformer, which is something - as AtomicAnt pointed out - very doable with Source. In fact, some (albeit very brief) mods similar to the Uncharted or Tomb Raider gameplay do exist as it is.

Originally Posted by Vance
From there you would also need to redo the graphics to not only bring them up to standard, but completely redo them for a 3D environment. That means none of the old graphic resources would be usable. Again, not impossible to get around, but that's a ****load of time and money to invest.
The group that put together Black Mesa hardly used any of the old Half-Life resources either. After all, those are still the property of Valve.

So, to turn IM into a Source port would take a crapload of time, yes, but money? There's been enough proof that such an undertaking as a garage project IS possible. There are, however, some other factors in play, such as IM being a rather fringe game with not a huge fanbase to keep people motivated. Those still make it a very long shot and most likely nothing more than a pipe dream.
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