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Originally Posted by Vance
A little easier. It would just be a little harder to get that "Indy" feel going. (I honestly thought that Infernal Machine was the last of the Indiana Jones SCUMM games... I never got the chance to play it.)
No, it's a 3D action platformer they released in the late 90s to try and cash in on the Tomb Raider craze. Not exactly the hit they hoped it would be - but then again, it's no wonder. If you have to spend 20 hours staring at a character's backside, the curvy action chick definitely is easier on the eye than a sweaty, unshaven archaeologist.

There has been no SCUMM adventures since the Fate of Atlantis. Now there is a game I wish someone would give the same special edition treatment as the first two Monkey Islands.

Originally Posted by Vance
Time IS money, friend. A big problem with these projects is that once you're putting in the long hours, you really want to be paid for the time and work. People move on to more lucrative projects.
This is indeed the final fate of many ambitious projects. But still, some of them DO get finished, despite the shoestring budget and no real economic return. Which was and still is the main point I had. Just like you though, I don't really believe IM is a game that's ever going to receive said treatment.
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