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Originally Posted by Finn
There has been no SCUMM adventures since the Fate of Atlantis. Now there is a game I wish someone would give the same special edition treatment as the first two Monkey Islands.

There are a couple of more modern takes on the SCUMM engine though those projects seem to have stalled. Lua is the newer 'engine of choice' for these types of games (most famously used in Baldur's Gate). LA Noire also uses Lua, which could be a really good starting point...

This is indeed the final fate of many ambitious projects. But still, some of them DO get finished, despite the shoestring budget and no real economic return. Which was and still is the main point I had. Just like you though, I don't really believe IM is a game that's ever going to receive said treatment.

It depends on the work/beneift ratio, really. I generally find that if contributors see their game taking shape with each update, they'll stick it out for that reward. If there's a long period of the 'boring work' (called 'middle-code'), such as database engine programming, window handling, nuts and bolts that aren't specifically game features... the project is likely to die just 'cause it's so much work to so little output. Tough to balance it...
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