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Originally Posted by Jandar-man
Dude! I'm trying to mod this game and your tool for me is like a grace comed from the skies)

So, First of all - BIG THANK YOU FOR THAT TOOL!!!

And i have a question. How i can extract or view from any angle maps (levels) in Indiana Jones & Infernal Machine? And is there anyway of how i can extract them from the game? The reason why is this important for me is that i want to recreate them, but in more detailed manner.

PS: and by the way - in which files is the levels? I haven't find them

Cheers .

Np, thanks for the cheer up
Anyway this is canyon lands level (1st level). For now, there is no tool that would allow you to view or edit cnd level file. All levels (CND file) are binary archived NDY files. By the way I'm still working on tool to convert cnd files into ndy files and later on if time will allow me I'll work on simple level editor.

Originally Posted by Jandar-man
I'm noticed that you flying in "Canyon" level like in noclip mode. How did you done that?

It's pretty simple . You just have to specify that player can fly and that gravity does not affect him. You can do this either in cog script of a game level or in cog script that specifies the player. I assume that you already know how to extract cog scripts from gob resource file . For the particular example put this code at the end of 00_cyn_opening.cog file just before the return; statement and see what happens
ClearPhysicsFlags(player,0x1); # set player to have no gravity
SetPhysicsFlags(player, 0x2000); # player can fly

To run this script launch IM from the beginning. Ohh and make sure to backup file before you edit it. You can also read my longer post about cog script here.

Hope it helps
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