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Originally Posted by Skywalker82
I mean to Lucasfilm properties like Indy and SW.

Mods: You can certainly find a more appropriate thread to fold this into.

That said, why do you, Skywalker, care who has the rights to the comic versions of Star Wars and Indiana Jones? By all accounts Darkhorse has been an exemplary steward of both series since... 1990(?).

Per Scott Allie, Darkhorse's Editor-in-Chief, Disney hasn't expressed any interest in acquiring the rights to either property. So, as of May of this year, the rights are staying put.

Originally Posted by Comic Book Resources
Someone asked about the future of "Star Wars" at Dark Horse, to which Allie responded, "There's no plans to move anything. We talk to Lucasfilm all the time about it, and nothing has come down from Disney to make any changes."

Asked if there are any characters in "Star Wars" that Wood hasn't written yet but wants to, the writer responded that he's already writing around 12 characters and has to focus on them for the time being.

Full article here.

An updated article from Bleeding Cool in mid-July indicates that Darkhorse will retain the rights through at least 2014.

But, again, from a creative standpoint why would you personally care which publishing house held the rights? It's not like Marvel has access to better creative staff. Virtually all comic creators are a work-for-hire group.
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