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Originally Posted by Montana Smith
Somebody must be able to solve the mystery of this artwork.
Taking an educated guess, I'd say that Mr. Wolfe did NOT do that cover. Any credit inside on the copyright page?

My June 1984 edition of the "Doom" novel says, 'Cover art and insert supplied by Lucasfilm Ltd.' Wolfe gets the shaft again! No wonder it was so difficult back then to find out who the artist was.
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Bruce Wolfe maybe the Dave Prowse of IndyLand. His Poster is NOT just the teaser, it was in theaters for the opening week before it was replaced. You KNOW Struzan has a story about THAT!
In my neck of the woods, I seem to remember Wolfe's poster being around even longer than that. Possibly up to about a month (or more) after opening day.
Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon
Another AMAZING poster...

I'm pretty sure the artist's name is Mike Vaughn.
Mike Vaughn is the name I have, too. The version you posted crops the bottom portion of the painting where the signature is. So both Struzan & Vaughn were allowed to sign their "Doom" work but not Wolfe. Very strange. Anyway, that's the highest-res image of the Australian poster that I've ever seen. Thanks for posting it, Rocket!

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