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Originally Posted by Stoo
You have the Young Indy Dixie Cups!!!! You lucky dawg! Would be nice to see photos of the individual cups (if you have feel so inclined).
A few questions for you:

What is the white booklet beside "Philosopher's Stone"?
What is "La Secret de la Pyramide"?
What is the H.Ford VHS?
Did you buy 2 bottles of Mott's Clamato Juice for "The Mummy's Curse" Young Indy book?

the answers to your question are
1.the mini comic that came with the raiders of the lost ark special edition dvd

2.a book my father in law got me when he went to dineyworld in france and its a story in french ---so i don't know what they are saying--lol

3.a bio tape about harrison
4. no i found it at a garage sale -- pretty lucky huh
5. i will put some cups on soon so you can see what they look like
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