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Here's where things get dark. Does the stone have any power? In 2009 I began to write about the stone for an internet forum. I wrote about how it looked like the deep submarium. I was writing until around one in the morning. Next day I found out that someone had been murdered near The Deep. His name was Simon Ash. Ash? suggestive of the process of alchemy? They caught the killers. He had been killed around the time I was writing my article on the stone and The Deep. After finishing the article I recalled looking down at my shoes and the thought "I need to buy new shoes." popped into my head. And I laughed. Which is odd for two reasons. I didn't need to buy new shoes and I had no idea why I was laughing. Turns out Simon Ash was found without shoes on. The killers had taken off his NEW shoes and tried them on. When they didn't fit they had tossed them.
I was shocked. Weird stuff like this had been happening to me before but not this evil.

For some reason I KNEW that one of the killers would have my name. One of them did it turned out.

A week later I became interested in a pub in Hull called The Master's Bar. It had a nautical theme to its sign. The building has cartouche mouldings on it. I went to the library to research them. Turns out they are egyptian magic.
Later that day a man was murdered after coming out of that pub. His name was Wilihedo Patriminios. He just happened to be living on a street where I used to live. They caught the killer, a friend who had punched him during an argument.

Twice now I had been concentrating on a place and a murder had occured.
Some time later I happened to become interested in anothe Hull pub. The Old White Hart(a male deer). I went to the library to research the symbology of deer. Just so happens that at the very time I was doing so a baby deer was being rescued from the river Hull. Just a short walk away from the pub and a short walk from The Deep.

Later that night a man was murdered by a mob as he was coming out of pub called The Reindeer. His name was David Jones. David Jones? What does that look like? Davey Jones? As in Davey Jones' Locker? a term for the sea. The Deep.

That's when I recalled a dream I had had a year before. I had dreamt about the first and last killings. But I had dreamt about the death of David Jones being killed at the location of Simon Ash. Which was clever of my dreaming mind.

Other stuff happened like this and continues to. I could fill a book with the stuff that has happened.
Is it down to the stone? I don't know. Sometimes I think I should just smash the stone to bits.
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