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Originally Posted by Mothy
KOTCS should not have been made.

Crusade had the perfect finale, riding off into the sunset. All KOTCS has done is tarnish the brand and people's opinions of the series. Sure, a select few may like it, but the overall population despise it. They even laugh at it, at Indy's expense.

The last film does not compare with the other three and leaves a bad taste in ones mouth. It is better to fade away gracefull than burn out. They should have remained back in 1989, with pride intact.
Just pretend it doesn't exist and I'll do the same with you!

I saw it again last night. My 3rd time. It's still in the largest theater AZ and it was sold out! The crowd was older than 2 weeks ago (mostly 30's and up since the teens likely saw "Zohan" and kiddies went to "Panda") and the response was more positive. Older fans like me do not waist time on the internet (as I do) and do not ***** about films not being some great cinematic experience. They wanted a fun time and got it. This film appeals to older generations more too. Indy is much older, Marion is older, the plot is geared more towards films that an older generation grew yup with. Also, even if Mutt was maybe put in for younger people to identify with it actually is something that my parents get because they were like Mutt in the 50's.

There may be a 50/50 split here for those who like it but outside of the threads it's a hit and the numbers prove it. I wouldn't be surprised if it does another $35 million this weekend!
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