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Originally Posted by kongisking
Welcome, Frauline, to our humble abode. The bar is NOT closed (thank heavens!), and we indeed ARE thirsty for new KOTCS lovers. We all love the same thing our friend Doctor Jones loves---kick ass adventure and excitement! I hope for your sake you have not yet aquired Anti-KOTCSitis! What's that? "I'm not used to people bossing me around on websites"? Frauline Sharlow, let me tell you what I am used to!!!

Love it! Wherever could it have come from?

Originally Posted by Filmphoenix
Imagine Karen Allen stepping out of that tent and Mutt saying Mom. If they had been able to keep her a secret. We would have all be saying Oh yeah Marions back!!!

I've been thinking about that- if they had been able to pull off keeping Marion a secret until the film premiered, that would have been something! Though, would they have wound up opening the film at Cannes, 4 days before the world at large got to see it? Hard to see how they really could have pulled off keeping it quiet towards the end. But it would have been amazing!
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