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Originally Posted by Montana Smith

This one is changing the story completely. The time loop paradox is gone (the chicken and egg of apes coming back in time to uninentionally make their world world possible in the future). In the reboot it looks like purely the work of human experimentation.

I didn't like Tim Burton's version at all (hated the dizzy editing for one thing). This one has much more potential.

The lack of the time loop paradox is want really has me set to pass this one. I love time loop paradoxes and that is precisely why I'm a Star Trek fan. I loved how J.J. Abrams is using time loops and separate time dimensions for his Star Trek Original Series Prequel movies.

The only thing I can say at the moment is 'Thank God Michael Bay doesn't have his hands on these Apes.' To bad Guillermo Del Toro isn't producing this movie.

I also agree with you that Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes was an outright crash landing. I think Tim Burton needs to stay away from Sci-Fi and stick with fantasy and mystery.
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