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Regarding your possible 'PSP's in this rather hilarious list... my god, I wouldn't like to see one for myself..

Giuletta,- definably no PSP, she was a 1918 Italian country girl seemingly as delicate as a flower petal.. the kiss was as far as it went.. definitely, I cannot see anything further happening.

Amy Wharton, possible PSP, but I'd say at the somewhat unlikely side of PSP. Indy went home every evening to his father, she went to her mother, unless they rented out a hotel room during the day, very unlikely in the 1920s, also extremely unlikely considering her reaction to their first kiss.. maybe, but doubtful PSP

Margaret, Kate and Gloria.. well with Kate and Gloria I'd say definite PSP, he lived with Kate who was a girl somewhat ahead of his time. That date with Gloria where he fell asleep seemed to indicate other dates of that nature would go somewhat further, but as for Margaret.. No way.

As for Claire, definitely I'd say..

now I must sleep. Obviously I've been awake too long if I'm sitting here seriously discussing Indy's sex life..
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