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Originally Posted by Darth Vile
Hhhmm... Arguing that the Special Edition of ANH has LESS callousness and 'gore' simply because of a nano seconds worth of change is like arguing that ANH is now much more focused on the story of Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo. However, using a bit of common sense, any such change is not reflective of the overall tone/content/movie. Neither is it evidence enough to prove that Lucas is on a quest to retro "soften" his life's work. I'd give you more credence if you were suggesting it was purely a financial exercise (which it might well be for all I know).
I'm not talking about the overall 'tone', I'm talking strictly on a technical level so you're missing my point, Vile. (By the way, the "LESS callousness" is a reference to the softened Greedo scene, not the prison block trimming.)
Originally Posted by Darth Vile
Who is changing the subject? As you seem to be someone who regularly uses smilies, I thought you'd get that my original post was done with a modicum of tongue in cheek (please see my original paragraph you quoted). I was half joking before, but yes on reflection, it would amuse me to think "disgruntled fans" would be p*issed off by it. If you are not "disgruntled", then you shouldn't have a problem with it...
I don't have a problem with it. As stated previously, I would like to own a legit copy of the re-done jeep/cliff shot.

Keep in mind, folks, that these films are not entirely George Lucas' babies. Any possible changes made for a Blu-ray release would most likely rest with Spielberg...y'know, the director.
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