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this week from the digital bits.................................

MY TWO CENTS - 5/23/11 - by Digital Bits editor Bill Hunt

Now then... a follow-up note from last week: A few dedicated Raiders fans have e-mailed to say that I'm surely wrong in my speculation that Raiders of the Lost Ark will come out on Blu-ray from Paramount in 2012, as THIS year marks the film's 30th anniversary. That's certainly a valid point, and it's one that I've absolutely considered. But here's the thing: I have a VERY hard time believing that Lucasfilm would allow their two biggest franchise properties to hit Blu-ray in the same year and thus directly compete with each other for holiday spending dollars. That just makes very little business sense. And since all 6 Star Wars films are already on tap for Blu-ray release in September - and Lucasfilm started promoting it way back in August of last year - Raiders seems to me unlikely for the format in 2011. On the other hand, with Paramount celebrating their 100th anniversary next year, what better way to celebrate that with the debut of a couple of their biggest catalog hits on Blu-ray - Titanic in the Spring and the Raiders Trilogy for the holidays? Hey... if Paramount announces Raiders BDs for the holidays this year at Comic-Con, I'll be the first to admit I'm wrong. But that's my guess as to how it'll play out, and what information we have from our industry sources so far seems to bear it out. We'll see...
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